Mesh Outfitter

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Mesh Outfitter
HUD Usage
Body Menu Example
Outfit Menu Example
Hair Menu Example
Extra Menu Example

The Mesh Outfitter is an advanced but easy to use RLV-based outfitting system that allows the user to change bodies, outfits, hairs and extras from just the click of a menu or photo. It covers all aspects of RLV-scripted outfitting, and all the included features and tools makes this the ultimate tool for outfitting in Second Life. It also includes several useful features like Bot Control for store owners, the ability to make any piece of clothing strippable, along with many features to assist the user and make things easy. Various optional addons such as Time Lock, Word Trigger and Land Outfit covers the RLV-restriction needs related to outfitting as well, like time locking an outfit, triggering and locking outfits based on words said in local chat, and letting a land owner automatically set and lock your outfit based on parcel description. The Mesh Outfitter is also further improved and expanded on through suggestions and ideas that are added with free updates.

Before you start using your Mesh Outfitter you will need to go through the Setup Guide.