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Land Outfit Addon

The Land Outfit Addon will automatically change you into an outfit and optionally lock you in it if the region/parcel you enter is setup to use this. Once you leave the region/parcel that contain this setting you will automatically be unlocked and switched back to your previous outfit again. This can be used in various ways such as RP regions with a strict dressing code, simply automatically changing your outfit to your favorite one when you return to your home, etc.

Marketplace: Land Outfit Addon


  1. Make sure you are wearing the Mesh Outfitter HUD.
  2. Rez or attach the LandOutfit Addon Installer.
  3. Wait for the addon install to finish.

Land Setup

  • A land owner/group can add "ForceOutfit=<outfit folder>" on a new line of the description of the parcel.
  • A land owner/group can add "ForceLock=Yes" on a new line of the description of the parcel.


  • You can click Options > Addons > LandOutfit to configure this addon.
  • The addon works automatically when setup correctly.