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Celebrity influencers just have different rules. Before we get started, I want to first introduce a new reporter on the business of influencers team, Mark Stenberg! If they want to send you a tip, have them send it in a separate transaction. But this can be damaging to your brand and can cause you to lose customers if they don’t have a reliable place to find you. I don’t want you to get overwhelmed or stressed out." He was totally cool about it, and I was like, "Yeah, man. But the platform may not be the best if you want to sell feet pictures. That’s why the best way to appreciate OnlyFans content is to put it into categories for the hard-to-please web surfer. By owning your shit, I mean having a place on the web where you don’t have to worry about living under someone else’s rules to run your business. Luckily you don’t need a degree in web marketing or programming to do it. So, just don’t accept overpayments. So, it’s like you paid them to take your feet pic. It’s easy to understand, and it walks you through all the steps to get your website up and running today.

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